Violet Matinee is here!

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  1. No pics yet-- sorry! But I'll describe her: very wearable color (deep grape). Flaps are not patent but a pale lilac glossy leather. Hardware is SILVER but zippers themselves are a brassy color. Leather is smooshy but slightly glossy. This bag looks LUXE as well made as a Balenciaga IMO and would be worth it at the full price of 655! So if you can find one on *Bay or with a coupon code, grab it!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. So, I gather you're happy?????!!!!!
  3. Um, yes.
  4. The leather does look delicious -- I'm just wondering about the hardware! They used to match, in the old ones, didn't they? *scratches head*

    I am really glad you love it Jenny Cadine, it does seem a more violet than the eggplant!!! :biggrin:
  5. It's really an awesome color. It's a true purple, not too red or too blue. I will try to get a pic up later in the week.
  6. Jenny you TEASE, I wanna see pics!!! Sounds amazing, congrats!
  7. Jenny, it sounds delish! Can't wait to see your pictures.
  8. My computer caught a virus and now I can't hook my camera into it-- it's over my head. :confused1:

    Not trying to be a tease I would love to share!
  9. oooh man, I want to see a pic.
  10. WHERE ARE THE PICS, LADY!?:hysteric::hysteric:
  11. Sounds gorgeous!
  12. Hi Jenny Cadine, I'm dying to see your pics!!! :biggrin: Hope you'll be posting them soon!
  13. I took some-- if I go to my dad's today I'll try to post since my computer is f'd. Or I'll email to GUNG if I cant figure it out.
  14. :whistle: I'm preparing myself to drool but I can't yet cuz I need them pics!!
  15. No pic's ... OH NO!
    Congrat's, i'm sure this bag is more then stunning. Enjoy, cant wait to see pictures.