Violet Makeup and Jaune Coin Purse - where to find?

  1. Hello all,

    Well, my searches have been unsuccessful lately. Can't find a violet mini-compagnon or a violet/jaune coin purse. So, if you have spotted a violet makeup or a jaune coin (my new loves), please let me know! TIA!

  2. MandB, there was a jaune coin purse on Real Deal, but I just checked the site and it's no longer there. I was watching both a violet coin purse and a violet mini-compagnon auction and neither sold, so keep an eye out because they may be relisted soon!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Barneys in Beverly Hills has everything you're looking for!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Called Barney's BH - no luck. Thanks for the tip, though!
  7. what?!?! then the sales person was clueless - there was one jaune (which i'm sure they are calling "yellow") and another violet, maybe even 2!!!!! who did you talk to? man those SA's are :cursing:
  8. Bumping b/c i'm on the hunt for a violet makeup. Has anyone seen one anywhere? I know... wishful thinking!

  9. Nanaz, thanks so much! I saw that one on *bay, but thought I'd try to track down a new one first---unlikely, i know!
  10. And of course, now it's gone.

    Please let me know if anyone else comes across one in their travels. TIA!
  11. Printemps in Paris had a GSH Violet Coin Purse in stock up until a couple of days ago. I tried to buy it but faxing my details was a nightmare. In the end, my fax went through successfully but I heard nothing. When I rang them to find out what had happened, they said they'd received my fax but the photos of my credit card and passport were too dark - they wouldn't have bothered to tell me if I hadn't kept ringing back, though! So, if you've got access to a better fax system than me, you could try there. Personal shopper, Dominique, is lovely and much easier and more pleasant to deal with than Paolo.

    In the end I bought one from Harvey Nichols in London. Not sure whether they've any left there but you could try.