Violet Large Stam - is there such a thing?

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  1. Ive seen some stams that are purple/eggplant/ magazines and this authentic or counterfeit?

    I called the SF MJ store today, and the manager told me there was never such a thing as a violet colored stam bag.

    i even mentioned there is a 2005 small stam in violet, but he denied it.

    i dunno..
  2. No, he's wrong. I'm pretty certain there was a violet stam made in fall 2005. A pfer was able to buy the small, and the same colors were made in both small and large.

    Other colors available that season include taupe, pearl, black, bordeaux, and petrol.

    If you search the forum, you may be able to find a photo of violet, I think it's been posted here before.
  3. Yeah, i seriously think there is somethign bad going on in the SF MJ store.

    Im so pissed. i cant believe he denied that the violet stam was ever made!!
  4. My aunt had told me about the poor customer service at the SF store too.

    Violet stam sounds beautiful. I hope you find one
  5. I don't trust the mgr. there. Don't take his word for it at all. I thought I've seen violet stams before?
  6. I've heard it exists but that MJ stores are completely sold out. Your only hope is eBay. Good luck!
  7. the violet stam is the rarest of all of the stams. he original batch of stams was Bordeux ( a deep red color like ruby), Petrol (dark tealish color), Violet (deep amethyst color), Cream (warm white) and then black and taupe. The girls over at TFS have tracked them all and we've only ever seen one violet stam in the large size ever pop up. it was on a british ebay sale way back in 2005 and it went for over 4000 pounds i believe. i've never seen another pop up, and i've never seen a member there or here who has the stam in violet in the large size.
  8. these were stock photo's on the Mj website for those first colors of the stam. you can see the violet is quite dark, like a purple ink color:

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  9. thank you so much jun3machina. i am so grateful for that picture!!! i have been going nuts these past few days...

    you are an angel!!!


    wow 4000 pounds...that is a hefty price....i lveo it so much tho!!
  10. it really saddens me to know that someone managing the SF MJ store doesnt really know about the collections.

    where do they hire these people???!!
  11. berrylove: you're welcome.:yes:

    it really shocks me the lack of knowledge a lot of people have that work in department stores. you'd think after all the time they spend dealing with the bags and such, and customers, (especially high end stores!:cursing:) that they'd know they're stuff!