Violet Lady braid

  1. hi ladies

    just wanted to give you the heads up that my SA at the Chanel in SF has a violet lady braid on hold for me to look at tomorrow.:yahoo:
    Either I will be bringing her home or leaving her there. Might be leaving her there b/c it is a little out of my budget.

    Let me know if any of you want it if I don't. I can have my SA hold it for you.
  2. Wow, that is so nice. I hope you end up getting it!!

    OT-is your little doggie looking for spare change in the sofa cushion?:P
  3. just went to the chanel boutique in scp- there is also a purple lady braid bag there!
    i'm still waiting on a black one to come in.
  4. is it the satchel or flap bag?
  5. jbelle, i am talking about the satchel, and i think hc1871 is too.
    scp does have the flap bag in black though!
  6. good luck on the search - the violet satchel is lovely!

    i think if I went lady-braid, it would be flap, so thanks for the heads-up!
  7. jbelle - the Saks in chevy chase md has the flap in violet, ask for john he is the chanel manager.
  8. Hi,hi,

    Did you get your violet lady braid in the end? Can you post it up if yes?


  9. no I never got it. Now I wished I did. I am really upset I missed out on the violet color. I loved it so much.
  10. does anyone have a pic of it?
  11. OHHHH I've seen that before so gorgeous! I had no idea it was that style lol
  12. Oh ive seen it as well.. gorgeous bag!!
  13. WOW!!!! I think we all wish we had gotten that bag!!!