Violet Kingston Hobo

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  1. Hello ladies!

    Here is my beauty, the Kingston in Violet. I was randomly on the Q a little over a week ago and the color popped up on my phone. i bought it immediately. I still didn't use it as you can see but I am going to fill her soon!

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  2. Wow! Very pretty! It looks pinkish.
  3. I love it! Don't you just wanna drool over the violet? I just got the small satchel in violet and it was love at first sight......
  4. Beautiful!
  5. I love that color!
  6. Pretty!
  7. How pretty! I like the pinkish tint to it.
  8. Gorgeous!! I love it. Thanks for sharing :smile: I want this bag.
  9. Its sooooo beautiful!!!!
  10. Nice!! :loveeyes:
  11. Beautiful!:loveeyes:
  12. Lovely :love:
  13. Thanks so much ladies! I was relieved it had a pinkish tint instead of more on the purple-side. No offense to anyone who loves purple! The weather here is just too crazy so I cannot use this lovely bag just yet! Today it is pouring rain then changing to snow later….fun! Thanks again.
  14. So lovely--congrats.

    Wishing you sunshine soon. Come on Spring!

  15. So are there pocket under the "flaps" on the front? Have the flaps creased with use (for anyone who is using this bag)?