Violet GSH - Help with Decision....


Keep the work or wait for a day?

  1. Violet GSH Day

  2. Violet GSH Work

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  1. After seeing Z&J post her violet GSH day, I was in LOVE! :heart:
    Luckily, White Plains NMs had a day, so I ordered it pre-sale for InCircle double points. Friday it arrived, but it is a work..... :crybaby:
    To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the GH - I am partial to the traditional RH, but something about the violet GSH is really nice... and I just purchased two fabulous pairs of silver shoes and thought GSH would really compliment then nicely.
    My dilemma is 1) the work is quite a bit more $ than the day, and 2) the work GH seems to be more noticeable, while on the day it is more subdued?

    But, this work has REALLY nice leather.... :yahoo: and at this point, I am unsure I will find a violet GSH day.....

    Any help in this decision would be appreciated. If anyone has a violet day GSH, could you post pics? That might help me....
    TIA :flowers:



  2. I love love love this bag, to look at, but it was too much for me to actually wear. Loved the color so I ended up with a first instead. I still think about it often...
  3. Wow, the same problem I struggled with, had 2 work in gsh and one I sold
    the other I returned for a daybag with sgh, which I love.
    The work was just too large for me, but i loved it.
    So this is a hard decision, keep the one you like more.
    Go with your guts....good luck.
  4. I voted for the day, seems most of us did so far...
  5. I was also in the same situation. I had both and after a lot of hemming and hawing decided on the day. Did you call the SA? Did they send your day to someone who was expecting the Work???
  6. maybe i'm partial to days, but i voted for it.
  7. I voted for a SGH Day, and there's one at Real Deal Collection right now, and I think it's a brand new bag?
  8. I'd prefer the work over the day, but based on your comments, I really think the day is best for you. Good luck!
  9. I prefer Day. I just got a Violet GSH HOBO, and I love it. It's an amazing color!
  10. me too.

    the hardware on the day is far more subdued because there's less of it, and it's also spaced out, as opposed to the work (or city) where it's sort of crammed together. i'm a work girl, but not a fan of it with GH.

    hope you track down your day!:tup:
  11. Hello Ms. Mona.... and there you have it....yes, I am thinking violet day GSH for you too....just checked the pic on Real Deal:yahoo:.... You NEED the Violet Day GSH...

    now go get it my friend:heart:
  12. go for the day with the gh - I like the way the hardware looks on the day better than on the work.
  13. Perhaps keep the work until you find your day? :graucho:
  14. I chose work bcos i dun fancy Day.
  15. I have the day in violet GSH and I love it so I voted for that!