Violet GSH DAY Pics plz~~~

  1. Hello ladies I am dying to see pictures of Violet GSH day style..(I dont own any day style ) can someone upload picture of wearing it on shoulder..
    Thank you :heart::heart:
  2. lulu, mine is being delivered tomorrow.:yes: I will post pics for you to see.;)
  3. I received mine today and I am THRILLED !!!!! :yahoo:

    I would post pics, but I can't seem to get it right. It says my file is too large. ????
  4. BMac, congrats!!! can't wait to see pics!!!

    re: the size of the photo, only fairly small KB files can be uploaded. Do you have a photo program where you can resize it to make it smaller?
  5. Thank you nanaz I can't wait to see pic~:love:
  6. lulu, i am still waiting to see the First in Violet.:yes: I got the GSH Day from NM just in case if it got sold out and i couldn't get one. ;)Kim keeps telling me it should be any day now for the First to show up.:graucho:
  7. Smart thinking Nanaz! Just in case you like it better than the First but I think the First is going to win your heart!
  8. I would like to see pics too :yes:!!
  9. Ladies, i am sitting very patiently at home and waiting for the fedex guy to show up any minute.:whistle::beach::cool:He better not be late.:smash:
  10. Ladies fedex is here.:choochoo::woohoo:
  11. :yahoo: Can't wait to see it!!!!
  12. oh the suspense is killing me!! where are you NANAZ??
  13. Nanaz made her own thread to post pics. Check it's BEAUTIFUL!