Violet GSH City or brief anywhere...

  1. I posted a week ago about whether BalNY had any Giant silver violet cities... I am now looking to find a GSH city or brief from a dept store instead. If anyone has seen one in the last day or 2, please pm me. I will buy it tomorrow if I get any leads.
  2. Already pmed you. Good luck, sweetie
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I was at NM here in Charlotte last night and they had a GSH Violet City & RH Violet City...Here's the
    #704-442-7900...Ask to speak to Tray in Designer Bags and tell him one of his clients told you about it...He'll know exactly who you're talking about...:yes:
  5. Hey Girlfriend!
    Just spoke with Tray and got the Violet City RH. They still have a Violet City with GSH. Can't wait to get it. Having him send it overnight - yeah! THANKS for the info!:yahoo:
  6. I think I'm getting a brief that I was pm-ed about. Awaiting pics now. Thanks everyone!
  7. ^^can I please ask which department store they have the Grape RH brief at? Thanks!
  8. Its a giant silver not RH brief.:smile:
  9. LOL, I read what I wanted to read! Thanks for the correction! I can't wait to see pics, the combo sounds gorgeous!
  10. So I bought the violet SGH brief from Gretta Lux. It was the last violet in the store. She emailed pics and it's TDF! I will post tons of pics as soon as it arrives and I got 2 day mail!
  11. Great news! Is this to replace your Jaune Work or did you decide to keep it?
  12. I sold the jaune work and just got my call about customs for it for $158, so after selling fees, I broke even. I have an ivory SGH city on the way from LVR and now this beauty. I'm sooooo excited to get both bags.
  13. Glad to hear that it worked out OK for you. Show us the ivory when it turns up. Sounds very sophisticated!