Violet Greasepaint Simples- The perfect match to my Metallic Violet Chanel 2.55

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  1. I was supposed to be shopping for my bridal shoe, and I WAS (I swear!), but I walked out of the CL boutique with these hot mamas instead!

    They are the ideal shoe to match my Chanel metallic violet reissue!

    IMG_3361.JPG IMG_3362.JPG IMG_3365.JPG IMG_3366.JPG
  2. Those are so pretty. I generally don't agree with matching bags and shoes, but that combo looks very nice together.

    Did you get those in the new Vegas CL boutique? How is the new boutique? I can't wait to see it.

    Congrats on your new purchase and wear them well.
  3. don't you just love the metallic violet reissue! gorgeous.

    the CL's are great, too! great match...dunno if i would wear them together but those pieces are divine.
  4. OMG those are gorgeous!!!!! They look perfect with your purple metallic reissue. WOW :drool: Which boutique did you find them? What colors do they come in????
  5. OMG they are TDF :drool:

    Damn, I'm meant to be on a ban now I've got my Rolandos :cursing:
  6. Oh, those are gorgeous. Please post pics in the outfit thread!
  7. Wow, I love them! Congrats!
  8. I don't normally care if my shoes match my bag, and I've worn this bag plenty with just black or nude shoes but these were just too adorable and perfect to pass up.

    I got the shoes from the new CL boutique at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.

    The boutique is nice. I've been there twice, once yesterday when I got these and the first time was the day after they opened. It is SUCH a sexy boutique (I've never been in a CL boutique before. Just Saks and Neimans CL sections). Low lit, plush red carpeting and seating and it's nice to see a dedicated CL boutique here, but honestly, they are a little unready there for business. They don't have computer systems yet so they can't look up anything for you at the other boutiques. They have to call and call you back (I'm crossing my fingers for a NP or VP silver greasepaint). And they have a cute huge roulette wheel hanging above the register that you are supposed to spin to try to win something, but they don't have any prizes and don't know what you will win when they get them! I think they should be getting more stock in within the next week or so (hoping!). Actually, that whole mall is lovely, but most stores are just opening (Burberry just opened Friday!).
  9. They are TDF! I love purple anyway and those are outstanding. :tup: with the reissue. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Those are gorgeous! The new store sounds lovely. I can't wait to see it when we visit Vegas later this year.
  11. BPS - It sounds like a great place. Is it a large boutique? Sorry for the silly questions, I am so curious to see it because CL just fits perfectly with LV.

    I spoke to a lovely SA there the other day and bought my first pair from them. The company does very well with hiring sweet and accomodating SAs.
  12. Holy @#$%! I could just die!!! Those are sparkle-tacular! :nuts:

    Did they have anything in the dark Blue Grease?
  13. Wow, that is a gorgeous combination. Lovely!!
  14. As far as colors, I'm not sure of the full range, but I know the Greasepaint simples come in (that I've seen) black, red, purple, hot pink gold and silver. There may be more, but I don't know.

    It's lovely Kamilla! I love a sexy atmosphere and a sexy shoe, so that's why I'm so gaga over Louboutin. The SAs I've spoken with are super sweet. The boutique isn't HUGE, but it's a good size. I've never seen another dedicated boutique to know how this compares, but it's a lot better than the smallish sections at Barney's, Saks and Neimans (and the shoe place at the Wynn, whose name escapes me right now). I'm in trouble now that this boutique has opened!! :yes:
  15. that's such a beautiful color, and it goes great with your Chanel. Those are fabulous!