Violet/Grape Twiggy

  1. I haven't seen any pics of this style/color combo posted yet, so here you go! Excited to see the color IRL - eggplant didn't work for me, really hoping violet/grape will, especially in the twiggy.

  2. oohh its gorgeous!!!! :tup:
    i feel like getting one now!
  3. I'm sure Violet is VERY beautiful IRL :smile: - I do feel though that violet needs silver hw...sorry! ;)
  4. That's so gorgeous! I wasn't into eggplant either. But this is absolutely lovely especially in the twiggy.
  5. Congrats!! Love it. :tup: Thanks for posting the pic. Been dying to see violet w/RH.
  6. ^^ maybe it's just the lighting, but it looks alot like ink to me (?)'s pretty, but i wish it was more purpley like the GH bags i've seen...i wonder if there will be alot of variation in color on this one :girlsigh:
  7. I'll post comparison pics when I receive the bag. My SA says this bag is very purple, w/o the red undertones of eggplant. Fingers crossed!
  8. hmmm... its nice but not WOW like the violet with SGH... I'm definitely got my heart set on SGH violet work! thanks for the pic though!
  9. that twiggy looks a lot like ink!
  10. OMG i love the violet in twiggy!!!!
  11. It looks less vibrant, which I like!!
  12. gwen10 - why didn't eggplant work for you?
  13. Was this pic send from BalNY? Does that mean that the grape twiggy is available now?
  14. I love it!!
  15. :nuts: The violet looks so pretty!!!

    :heart::heart::heart::heart: I want one~