Violet / Grape RH City Owners! Lamb or Goat Leather?

  1. I just recently purchased a Violet RH City bag from Aloha Rag and the tag it came with indicated that the bag was made from "agneau" or lamb leather instead of "chevre" or goat leather.

    My other Balenciagas are made from goat leather. Do you know why this is? Can any other violet/grape owners share with me what leather their bags are made from? Do you think I should hold out for a different Violet RH City in goat leather, if it even exists?

    Your thoughts and advice would be great! Thanks!
  2. Wow, that is interesting. I would call AR and ask about it. Mine from AR is coming today and I will see what it says.
  3. mine says chevre.. maybe they mixed up the card?
  4. Mine says chevre as well though one of the SA's at NM said some bags from this season are lamb.
  5. I was surprised to see that mine says agneau as well. Maybe this is why I love my rh violet city so much? I sold/returned two other violet bags before falling in love at first sight w/this city. The color seems a bit more 'red' on this bag than my first two violets and the sgh violet day NM had in stock I bought my city. My agneau violet city is definitely a keeper!
  6. Mine is a work SGH and it says chevre.
  7. My step is chevre... can you post a pic of your agneau bags?
  8. That's interesting~ I would love to see a pic of agneau bags too!!!
  9. just checked my rh city that i purchased from aloha rag and it also says agneau. does anyone know what the difference is between the two?
  10. Maybe that's why AR's bags are so pretty. I WISH FEDEX WOULD COME!!!!
  11. Hi! Thanks for the information everyone!

    I spoke with Aloha Rag and the SA told me that all their violet bags (at least the one she looked at...) have tags that indicate that they are made with "agneau" or lamb leather.

    I also called the BalNY store and spoke with their SA who told me that there isn't a difference between the two, and that Balenciaga often uses both lamb and goat leather for their bags. She said the bag would still wear the same as the goat leather, because they are both treated similiarly.

    I'm still not sure what to think, but I suppose I should just be lucky I got a hold of a violet RH city?
  12. ^Yes, I think so, you are lucky!
  13. that's funny, i was thinking the same thing about mine:smile: btw, how would you rate your leather? did yours have a lot of veins?
  14. I checked my violet first and it said agneau. I swear that smell of leather bowls me over with glee every time I take it out of the box.
  15. I have to go home to check the bag.... I think mine was more on the veiny side, which is nice! I prefer it to look a little more distressed. I'll post pics later tonight or tomorrow.