Violet / Grape Giant City

  1. first look at the photo my Bal NY SA sent me. I am going to pass in favour of the standard hardware as I think the giant silver studs are bit OTT with the colour. i am worried about the extra weight too as I have to lug a bag with a 11 kg toddler...what do you guys think?
  2. I LOVE the color especially with the giant silver hardware. BUT I'm not loving the leather on this particular bag, its too smooth for me. Other than that the GH city isn't heavy at all to me, although some people on the forum feel that it is. So I think if you are used to the RH city, it may seem a bit heavy to you.
  3. the color is gorgeous! but i think in the city style if you have GH... its definitely a little OTT... why not consider a bigger style like the work with GH? if you're worried about weight though... then definitely RH... keep us posted!
  4. I love the leather, I prefer the smoother leather. It is all personal preference. I am also waiting for an rh violet city. I think that the SGH on this (for my personal taste) color is overkill.
  5. As for weight of a Giant City...I'm not going to lie :push:... but it can get a little heavy if you carry it on the crook of your arm. BUT, If you carry it over your shoulder... which is possible, because I have phat arms & it fits... the weight is less noticeable. It's a great bag ;)
  6. i think the GH works best in the work style. it looks a bit crowded in the city. but yes it can get heavy if you carry a lot.
  7. I think RH would look good too! We haven't seen any Violet RH pics yet :nuts: I am getting it in RH...
  8. I was never a fan of GH until I saw SGH on the violet work. I think it is a great combo as is the steel work and SGH. On the city, it does look slightly bling. I dont think RH will bring out the colour of violet as much as the SGH.
  9. It's a beautiful bag with a great combo HW. I think having the shoulder strap will be helpful when you are busy with your toddler.
  10. I know what you mean about the weight- I have a lil' one and I had to return the LE NM Anniversary bag cause it was just tooo heavy with the GH in one hand and my daughter in the other...
  11. I think the GH works best in the work style. Violet in Rh will be GOEGEOUS! :heart::love:
  12. [​IMG]

    I love the leather in a smoother's a nice combo in SGH but i'm not a fan of that. I still prefer it in RH. Actually, it tends to be heavier with the giant HW so if you are carryin your toddler, it's not so advisable to have it:heart:
  13. OMG ... I love this bag! However, I'm on a quest to find this color in the Large Matelasse!! If anyone sees one ... PLEASE let me know!
  14. This bag is growing on me so much now that I'm seeing pics of it. I keep coming back to this thread! Congrats!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. love the color and the leather on this but not crazy about the hardware on the city style.