violet galore!! new first and GGH part time!!

  1. even better than i expected! check out the leather on that first! and i just love the gold/violet combo. bill at BalNY knows his stuff! what do you think?...
    DSC02359_2.JPG DSC02360_2.JPG DSC02361_2.JPG DSC02362_2.JPG DSC02363_2.JPG
  2. I'm agree this bag is a perfection !!
    Congrats !!
  3. here are the rest- :girlsigh:
    DSC02364_2.JPG DSC02365_2.JPG DSC02366_2.JPG DSC02368_2.JPG DSC02369_2.JPG
  4. Gorgeous, congrats.
  5. fabulous! congrats!
  6. i love your bags! the violet looks soo good in the first.
  7. ur violets! Ur ggh part-time looks awesome! Pt is my new fave bag....very functional and looks great with GH! Congrats!
  8. Holy!! This is awesome stuff!! I LOVE IT!!
  9. the bags are absolute perfection!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  10. Great combo !!! Congratulations this bag is fabulous ;)
  11. WOWZA!!! Absolutely stunning! Just look at that leather:drool:
  12. Wow, they're both beautiful!!
  13. :love:yummy violet:love: I love it ... congrats!
  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with both!!! Soooo yummy and gorgeous!!!! :love::love::love:
  15. both so gorgeous! congrats!