Violet First

  1. I am returning the Violet First that i got from BalNY tomorrow. It is gorgeous and it has a yummy leather. :drool:I just can't work this color with my wardrobe. :sad:So if you are interested please call Kim tomorrow and ask her to hold it for you. She should have it by Friday. Who ever gets it, will be a lucky lady.:yes:
    Here is the pic.
  2. thanks. what's the number?
  3. 212-206-0872 and press option 2.:smile:
  4. You know I think when someone returns a bag, they just give it to the next person that was on the waiting list. Does anyone know?
  5. I would think that would be the case. My SA told me they had more people on the waiting list for violet first and city bags than there were bags to go around.
  6. Sorry to hear that Nanaz!!!:crybaby: So, are you passing on this color all together?
  7. I can't believe you're passing on this beauty! So sorry she didn't work out for you, but at least you'll make another person on the list very happy!
  8. I'm a bit surprised, I can use my violet Step more than many of my other bags! Aww.

    But - you have more $$ for other purchases! :yes:
  9. Sorry every one but who ever is next on the list they will get the call first. :sad:I didn't know that.:push:
  10. I got my call from Bal, but already bought one from Aloha Rag so can I give my space to someone?
  11. How much is this from AR and from BalNY?

    (Not sure whether I am allowed to ask the price. Pls delete as you deem neccessary, Mod.)
  12. They are 995.00 US
  13. Both places charge the same and unless you live in NY or Hawaii, you won't pay sales tax either place. The only difference is that if you want to return it to AR, you can pay a $50 restocking fee but if you want to return to BNY, you get store credit.
  14. hi Queenie :smile:

    if you're buying from AR, you can sign up for foc m/ship and they'll accord you the 3% member's discount right away. no shipping costs involved for purchases above USD500.
  15. ^^ Thanks for the info!!

    Glossie, are you the glossie I know?