Violet First or Jaune City?

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Violet First or Jaune City

  1. Violet First

  2. Jaune City

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  1. Which should I get? I have both on hold and can only get one, unfortunately. I love Jaune but not sure how much I would carry it. I am returning my Jaune step - mostly because of the style. I do love the color, though. I have a violet rh city that I absolutely love. No firsts in my collection right now. The jaune city is rh. Thanks for your input!
  2. if you already have a violet city that you love you should get the jaune city! i think next season would have many colors that would look great in the first. :smile:
  3. is jaune first not an option? jaune city then since you already have a gorgeous violet city. well...unless you don't mind another violet.
  4. I voted for Jaune City.
  5. I say get neither and opt for a jaune first.
  6. I voted for a Violet First before I read that you already have a Violet.
    I still think you should get a Violet First, unless they get the jaune in a First.
    I use my Violet First all of the time and it's so light and adds a pop of color.

    Sorry the Jaune Step didn't work out, I just returned my Violet Step to Saks!
  7. I voted violet first - mainly because I am a fan of the first. You already have a violet in your collection but not a first, are there any other options. A first in another colour?
  8. I got the violet first! I have learned (the hard way, perhaps!) that you really need to see these bags in person before making a decision. I went to my local NM to return my jaune step and look at the violet first. Again, love at first sight w/this bag (just like my violet city that I wasn't even looking for!):heart:. The SA pulled out another first so I could choose but there was no contest. My new first was calling my name. She is distressed agneau with possibly even better leather than her city big sister. The jaune city is at an out of town store (NM didn't buy the jaune city w/rh) so I didn't get a chance to see it in person. Don't think I will carry that color nearly as much (but I do love it!). I am going to be haunting my local NM from now on!
  9. i voted for the jaune city..........
  10. yay, great decission ... :love:violet:love: is so yummy, I'd love to have all the styles in that color. congrats!