Violet First and Puppy for my 500th POST!!!

  1. Here's my Agneau Violet First :drool: and my new puppy Max:woohoo:
    Both so soft and pettable!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    First the Violet...sooo hard to capture the color on this one! First pic almost looks blueberry! She is thick, distressed, and saturated. Tassels are thick too. The last photo was the sun reflecting through the blinds, I thought it looked kinda cool!
    IMG_0666.jpg IMG_0668.jpg IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0672.jpg IMG_0674.jpg
  2. Now the action shots - I prefer holding this bag with the shoulder strap or handheld:smile:
    IMG_0639.jpg IMG_0646.jpg IMG_0650.jpg
  3. congrats it's really beautiful!!
  4. love it, congrats!
  5. very pretty, congratulations!! where's max? :smile:
  6. Now the PUPPY!!! His name is Max and he is a Samoyed. This little guy is going to grow up to be about 60 lbs!!! Bal color he is closest to is Ivory!!! I let him pick which bag he wanted in the photo with him. . . Max chose ms Black City:heart:
    IMG_0631.jpg IMG_0634.jpg IMG_0658.jpg IMG_0632.jpg
  7. Awww... your puppy is SO CUTE!!! and your purse ain't bad either :graucho:
    Congrats on both! What an exciting time for you!
  8. Oh my! Your first is really cute but that pup takes the price! I love somyeds :tender: Congrats!!
  9. Gorgeous bag and puppy! I adore violet so much.

    Side note: funny how agneau has become yet another descriptor for bbags
  10. Gorgeous bag and cute puppy! Enjoy them both!
  11. great bbag choice and max is such a cutie!! congrats!!
  12. ^^ OMG, the bag is nice, but your puppy is TDF!!! :nuts:...are you sure he's not a stuffed animal?!?!...he looks too perfect to be real!!! :love:

  13. too cute!!!

  14. Oh. My. God.
    The bag is gorgeous and you look HOT with it!
    But I just can't take my eyes off that little bear. I have a feeling I might keep coming back to this thread. Could you make him into anavatar or something so we don't all have to crowd this thread to see him:graucho:?
  15. I WANT YOUR PUPPY!!! he is a f/w 07 ivory - yummy cute!!! please make him your avatar :tup: