violet fever!!!

  1. I just snagged a 2007 violet city bag!!!!

    should have it within a few days.......regular hardware......

    getting excited!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Whoohoo!! Where'd ya get it (if you feel comfortable sharing that info)? ;)
  3. realdealcollection!!!!
  4. Wowie Zowie! You lucky dawg! ;)
  5. Oh the girl who bought the bag was you~!~ I was talking to Corey about it and she told me it's gone already when I was considering between the city from her and a work from somewhere else! hehehe i guess i should get the work then~ LOL~ Congratz for a lovely bag!!!:smile:
  6. what color WORK were you looking at?
  7. congratulations, i love the violet RH city!!
  8. Violet!~:smile:
  9. you will love the work....I have the new jaune work and it is TDF...also have a violet wallet listed....may have to keep it now to match the bag:confused1::woohoo:
  10. I was lucky to score a bubblegum city the other day..when it shows up..i feel it's a bit too small for me...coz i am very BIG...that's why i was considering the work and city..Violet is such a lovely colour!! Meno how heavy is the work?? Im looking for an everyday bag...:smile:
  11. the work is can carry little or put mags, all your regular stuff....
    I am big also, and I drape the work over my arm......
    my motto......the bigger your bag, the smaller you look......:okay:
    i always preferred a larger bag.....
  12. your or not buy or not...decision decision....:sad:
  13. If i don't like it IRL when i receive it do you think i will be able to sell on eb*y???
  14. Wow -- congrats menopausal! I can't wait to see pics!

    You too judull!
  15. congrats