Violet Epi bag coming out.

  1. When I was visiting my L.V. store in early January, my S.A. told me that there was a new Epi bag coming out in the Violette, and that the colour is beautiful, darker than the Vernis violette, and the first 'purple' bag L.V. has done.

    Has anyone got any further info. on this.

    :yahoo: :yes: :okay: :wlae:
  2. I saw some purple epi bags and accessories in the Spring/Summer Summary thread!
  3. yes -too bad we don't have the search function, becuase I remember a great post that had pics.
    the colors are gorgeous!
  4. i really cant wait for this to come out!! it's SUCH a beautiful color!
  5. I am looking forward to seeing this color as well ... my fave color:love:
  6. Its such a pretty colour. I might like epi now! :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone,

    Apparently the colour is darker in the Epi rhan the Vernis, which would be beautiful.

    Sorry I missed the previous posts on this.

  8. the color is so gorgy!!! can't wait to see it IRL
  9. Some people have posted accessory pics of the violette in other posts. Looks very pretty to me. As usual, though, I keep waiting for these things to come out and it's not happening soon enough.
  10. Hi!:smile:

    There are exactly 2 new colors : CASSIS & GRENADE:tup:
  11. I'm sure I'll need something in purple soon!!!
  12. huwaaaaaaw!!!!!! :woohoo: what a beautiful color!!!! cant wait to see it!!:yahoo:
  13. Thanks miss piggy for the pictures of the epi bowling bags.

    For some reason I missed them the first time.

    What a georgeous colour!!
  14. My favorite color as well:love:, oh boy!