Violet Downton on Bluefly

  1. There's a violet downtown on bluefly...pls someone take it before it's gone...
  2. I ordered a violet Downtown from Bluefly... :party:
  3. Congrats! Any word on your last order? Mine is still in the warehouse :shrugs:
  4. Congrats...i was tempted but had ordered myself the violet muse is beautiful
  5. That bag looks gorgoues and its calling my name!
    Is it shiny???

    BTW, Bluefly is very slow shipping out stuff!!!
  6. i noticed that too...ordered the black downtown in the medium size over a week ago and it hasn't shipped yet! they used to be so fast...
  7. I ordered the black downtown also and the description states "large tote" but the height of the bag was 13.5". Is that the same one you ordered? did yours say it was medium? Anyway, my order was placed on the 21st and it is still at the warehouse as of now......:sad:
  8. glitterglo, my last order still at the warehouse. :cursing:

    pe66le3506, I was tempted to get the voilet Muse, but I already have two Muse bags (one still at the Bluefly warehouse), so I've decided to get my first Downtown bag instead.

    I don't know when can I expected to receive both of my orders now?! :confused1:
  9. How exciting ladies;all these members about to get new YSL bags!! I can't wait for all the pictures:smile:
  10. I'm about to order the snow leopard downtown ...