Violet Dilemma

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Which combination would you choose?

  1. Violet Twiggy and Pine PT

  2. Violet PT and Pine Twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. After reading all your descriptions regarding violet, it sounds like it might be a really bright color. Would you get a part time or a twiggy? I know I want both violet and pine. I'm not sure which color would look better in a twiggy and which in a part time. Pine sounds like it might be darker than anticipated (definitely not bright). Does the twiggy/part time look better in a neutral color or a bright color? Which combination would you choose? TIA. If only I could have went to the trunk show, I think I'd have an easier time deciding.
  2. wow, i'm the only one who voted so far, so i guess you'll have to get the violet in the twiggy! just kidding. i think it's going to be an incredible color and the twiggy, while not my fav, looks great in those vibrant colors. maybe the PT might be too much? JMHO... either bag, you're going to love it i'm sure :yes:
  3. Do you like Sapin? ICB seemed to indicate that pine looks almost like sapin...and that would be really dark (to me, Sapin almost looks black in low lighing) I guess given the choices I would choose choice #1, esp. if you tend to go for the more conservative colors. My personal choice is that I will either go with a Part Time or Day in Violet...but then, I like vibrant colors...which is why I didn't like Sapin...
  4. Violet twiggy! Love the twiggy in bright colors.
  5. My vote is also for violet twiggy! It will look great in that style!
  6. Vote for violet twiggy as well......:smile:
  7. Agree w/ everyone else, Twiggy!
  8. Violet Part time
  9. A general rule for me is brighter color for smaller items and vice versa. Violet's a beautiful color and TWIGGY is a beautiful style.
  10. I think it would look great in both styles. I'm personally getting it in the part time. And talking about brightness.... I have a rouge vermillion in the part time. WowzA!!! I love it and I don't think it's overpowering.