Violet Day - should I go for it?

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  1. Hello all,

    I purchased a my first Bbag, a Black City, at the first of September and I absolutely love it! It's just about the most perfect bag that I have ever owned. I'm kind of ready for a new Bbag, and I think I would like to try another style, as I think that if I bought another City, I would still opt to carry my black one. So, I've been thinking about a Violet Day, and right now I could get one for a little over retail. Should I do it?

    I can't really afford it, but then again I can't really afford my handbag addiction at all, so it's kind of a non-issue. I shouldn't buy anything, but if I'm going to get a new Bbag soon, should I go for a Violet Day? I wear a lot of different colors, but I have nothing purple in my wardrobe, which makes me think that I could just wear it with whatever I have on. What do you think? I do have a lot of pink in my wardrobe, and although I love the Spring '08 colors, I'm trying to get away from pink. So, why not go with purple?

    I'm afraid that it will only get more expensive the longer I wait. My only concern is that if I get it then I will have two Bbags to decide between when I leave the house each day! What should I do?

    Thank you!
  2. I think Violet is a very versatile, very pretty color, however if you can't really afford it, then just wait until you can and enjoy your fab black City in the meantime. :yes: There will definitely be a great color you love available once you have the funds.
  3. Thanks for the input, Virgo!
  4. if money is not really an issue (meaning not financially detering you from meeting your basic needs) then i would go for it. violet is a very pretty color and will probably be harder to find later on. two b-bag is not too overwhelming.
  5. i got the violet twiggy and like you i was worried about the colour! i took the plunge and bought it and the colour is fab! its a versatile colour and i found it goes with everything (i dont have purple in my wardrobe either)! i should say go for it if you finance can accomodate it!
  6. if its not gona put you into too much debt then i say go for it! violet is gorgeous and versatile... good luck!
  7. Yes, collecting handbags is a very expensive hobby. ;) Actually, violet shouldn't go with purple clothes since two different tones of purple together would look quite funny. As long as you don't get too deep debt, if you have a chance to get a violet Day, go for it since this color is getting rare nowadays; otherwise just wait. There are always becautiful colors BBags on their way for you. Good luck!
  8. I have the violet Day, and it really does go with a lot, color wise. I just saw one in NM in Paramus and it has SGH.

    But if money is tight, don't stretch yourself too thin, it's not worth it.
  9. Thanks for the input, everyone!

    Yes, I agree that purple and purple might be too much, HandbagAngel, which is why it would be a perfect fit for my wardrobe because I don't own anything purple!
  10. I think the bal violet is surprisingly versatile. It is an eye catching color but not really bright so goes with neutrals. (I just bought my second one!!)
  11. I am a much bigger fan of pairing bright color bags with non-matchy-matchy colors. Looks much more, "i just threw this together without trying too hard, but it still works" kind of way.

    I can just see the violet with SGH with a beautiful soft gray baggy cashmere sweater....:love:

    you should do it!!
  12. i love the violet, it's easy to match and goes with a lot more than you expect. because it's so dark it's more subtle than eye catching. but i guess i agree with the rest of the girls, if the whole money thing isn't really an issue, then go for it. have you tried calling around the stores to find a purple day? i try not to pay over retail for a current season bag.

    good luck! let us know what you decide. :smile:
  13. i think violet is gorgeous! and in a day it would be the perfect bag.. but if you really love the new 08 colors wait for them and you can save up a little bit more money.. HTH
  14. <<< purple :love: ... I have one and I absolutely love it! I say go for it if your finances are okay.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I would love to find one for retail, but I think I'm at a loss. I posted a thread in shopping and no one has responded that they've seen one as of yet.