Violet Courier? Anyone been to Bal Paris or Printemps recently?

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  1. I know it's a long long shot but has anyone been to Bal Paris or Printemps recently and noticed if they had a Violet Courier?! :search:
  2. I too was interested in a violet courier, I called a few places but in the us perhaps it wasnt ordered. Or a besace, would love one or the other.
  3. I know Cityoflights got hers at Printemps but it was a few weeks back, i wondered if they still had them in stock, will perhaps give them a ring tomorrow and will let you know, just thought if there was anyone who had been there in person might have seen one!
  4. I think the violet in the courier would be a great combo. Hoping for good news! I get nervous calling French shops, I feel like an idiot speaking english and more so "american". I know this is all in my head.
  5. it's in the states, but i think gretta luxe got a violet courier this season as well. i'll try to dig up the number, if you're interested:smile: