"Violet" classical flap vs. "dark purple" classical flap

  1. Is there any color difference in "violet", "dark purple" and "plum" for a classical flap bag? That is, are their color codes are the same or not?

    I have a classical flap bag in dark purple and am wondering whether it is different from a "violet" classical flap bag.

    The color code for "dark purple" is 83513 and style number is 06A A01112Y01588.

    Ladies with "violet" classical flap bag, would you check the information with yours?

    What were the "purple-ish" colors available for a classical flap from last year fall collection?
  2. I have sudden cravings for violet..its just gorgeous!!
  3. Would you post a photo of yours? I've been looking for this for months and would just like to live vicariously through you for a bit....
  4. Oh! Purple CHANEL! Heart palpatations! Any color purple, please come live w/ me!
  5. the color code for my violet east/west is the same as your's, 83513
  6. wondering if violet is the same color as plum? does anyone know?:wondering