Violet City with Silver Giant Hardware

  1. Lisa at NM Troy Michigan has a Violet City with SGH!!!

    she's only holding it for me for an hour ... call her and tell her that Jo sent yah! ;)


    ps: she's also receiving the VIOLET DAY SGH tomorrow and it's currently unspoken for!
  2. YES! I called her this morning and she's receiving 2 SGH Days, but one is mine already! *crossing fingers* YAY!

    Thanks for the heads up on the City, though! It's very sweet of you to post it!
  3. And I just got the second one it looks like- I can't believe it- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't be able to sleep tonight!!!!!!!!WoooooooooooHooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm sorry! I am way toooo excited. Thank you sooooo much to both shopprincess and couturefemme-:yahoo:can you tell you both just made my day- literally!!!!!!!
  5. LOL peppermintpatty! I'm so happy for you! We're going to be bag-twins, God-willing!!!! I can't wait for mine either...isn't Lisa a sweetheart?

    I was literally thinking about the bag whilst falling asleep last night. So this AM, first thing I did was call Lisa...she told me that they weren't getting any Day bags in the Violine. Then she went through the inventory again in the computer and she said it looked like 2 had just popped up. I snapped one up immedietely even though I just bought a black brief from her yesterday! I'm so excited!
  6. Shop_princess, good job! You are just spreading the love! Peppermint Patty, I'm so happy for you! Couturefemme, I can't wait to see yours! You all be sure to post photos right away!
  7. Aren't we sooo lucky to be Violet sgh day bbag twins!!!!!! Lisa is a sweetie- she said to call tomorrow, she thought they'd be in tomorrow or Sat. I can't wait. Ever since I talked to her I have been looking at all of the gorgeous violet bbags! I swear I am sitting hear with this ear to ear grin, I'm sure a kinda dumb spacey look on my face. I feel sooo happy I could just about cry!!!!! I am really happy for you too!
  8. So happy for you both!! Day with SGH is the best combo. And rare, isn't it? I haven't seen any here.
  9. i ordered this bag also... with the SA at Holt Renfrew. I can't wait til it comes. i am also getting the new sphere style.
  10. Ack, too late, time difference... congrats to the ladies who got lucky!!!
  11. congrats GIRLS! don't forget to post pix when you get your new babies!
    Lisa is AWESOME, isn't she?

    I will continue to post whenever I find them during my quest for the Day Violine!
  12. heya - which HR did you order yours from? I was told that they won't be getting them!
  13. hi south! i suggest that you still call LISA so she can keep you in mind when she does end up with another one!
  14. a few just arrived at NM Denver 303-329-2600
    Good Luck!
  15. Hey everyone. I saw a Violet City with SGH at Neiman in Palm Beach, Florida. They also had a Violet Work with SGH. BOTH were gorgeous. Just an FYI. =)