Violet City Saks New Orleans

  1. I just called Saks in New Orleans and they have a violet city, ask for Maria she was really helpful! Not sure whether it is regular or GH, good luck
  2. Do you by chance have the phone number? TIA!
  3. 504-524-2200, good luck
  4. I was just at Saks and I only saw a violet step not a city, double check because they are not very knowledgeable about bbags there.
  5. Ok, since i just saw this post, i HAVE to tell my really funny story about balenciaga shopping in New Orleans (very off-topic, but a funny story if you have the patience to read it!) Warning now.. PG13

    I was going to visit my sister and she informed me that, lo-and-behold, the two days i was going to be there just happened to be tax-free shopping weekend. That was just the extra push i needed to get a new bag (turns out it wasn't completely tax free, just city tax.. but still.. a good excuse, right?) So right away I get on the phone to see what colors they have in the city style. Maria was very happy to help, although she wasn't familiar with the names of the styles. She also isn't a native English speaker, so that wasn't making things any easier. Finally we seemed to be on the same page that I was looking for the city style.. or "medium" as she called it. So then on to colors...

    She said "well, we have black.... we have red... and we have semen color...." :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: what?? I didn't want to think anything right away, so i said "Salmon??" (wondering what this strange salmon balenciaga color was.. :confused1:) She replied "no, SEE-MEN"

    Still not wanting to believe that that was what she was thinking, I thought maybe she meant "SEA-man".. in a bad translation that could be navy?

    "no, SEE-MEN!... you know... not grey, not white....semen!!!"

    At that point i nearly started giggling. Fortunately she was destracted and I heard her ask a colleague "What color would you call this"... she responded "taupe?" I nearly lost it.

    I still couldn't figure out what word she was meaning, but of course my mind was in the gutter. :wondering

    I ended up going to Saks and passed up on the most GORGEOUS black city... beautiful leather. I don't want to think about it. :crybaby: Unfortunately Maria wasn't there as I would have loved to meet her.

    I posted my experience on the makeupalley fashion forum and we all got a good laugh.. but immediately someone pointed out that she meant CEMENT! Duh!!!:push: I felt so silly... Poor Maria! I can only imagine all of the mistakes i make when speaking Italian all day.

    Thanks for reading.. hope it is as funny of a story when written. Only balenciaga fans can appreciate as we know our colors and styles by heart and when someone doesn't use the right colors, it gets so confusing!
  6. :roflmfao: Thanks for the giggle, sister! I really needed it today!
  7. Wow, poor Maria. She is really sweet, but she doesn't know the styles or color names.
  8. Good to know, when I talked to her she said the colors and styles with no hesitation, I think I will just stick with my trusted SA at BalNY and Niemens!! Thanks
  9. :blush:LOL! Semen! i wonder how many other people she said that too and what their reaction was! :roflmfao: