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  1. who's looking for the Violet CITY in RH?

    I have one on hold with an SA. PM me and I'll give you all the information!

    first PM gets it!
  2. hi shop_princess,

    i am desperately looking for Violet City in RH actually :smile: Would you mind giving me the information? thanks.

  3. sorry trophywife77, another member just emailed me about it. don't worry - if i find another one, I will PM you asap!
  4. Thanks to **Shop Princess**, my Violet City RH is being taken down to the shipping dept. and is about to be picked up by Fedex for over night delivery! I responded to this post a second after it was posted, :happydance:. You are sooooooooooooo awesome for taking the time to post this:tup:. Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. always glad to help! congrats on the new bag and post PIX as soon as you get it!;)
  6. trophywife77 - i will be returning my violet city bec. I've that I want the VIOLET DAY RH more : ). It's never been out of it's dustbag or the shipping box or taken out... NEVER USED!

    i'm going to be returning it on Thursday and if you still want it, i will ask for it to be put on hold so you can have it! let me know!

  7. What is the price of your bag that you are returning?
  8. $1195 US, seeing as you're canadian, i think it's a steal compared to Holts $1695! :smile:
  9. I don't think I would have a chance...wouldn't they just call the next person on the waiting list??? Is it the silver hardware?
    I wonder if they would sell it to me?
  10. hi shop_princess,

    i am still very much interested in getting this fab bag at any costs. Do you mind me asking when did you purchase this bag? and how are you going to put it on hold for me? thanks !!
  11. I am closing this thread at the OP's request. Please note, if you have questions as to buying this bag, please contact the actual store/sales associate to obtain all relevant information. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.