violet city GSH or violet hobo GSH?

  1. ladies!!! i need your help!! i got ahold of both these bags and i can't decide which one to get!!!

    most of my collection consists of cities...i kinda want to venture out into other styles. i have some weekenders and a work. i also plan on getting the BG in the day...if i could find the violet in RH it would be great. i really like both the hobo GSH and city GSH, too...just can't decide between these two now!
  2. How's the leather on both? You sound like you would prefer a RH violet though? Go with your heart :p or get both ;)
  3. There is a Violet RH Day on e*ay right now, the leather looks nice and a tPFer is selling it.

    I would choose the Hobo over the City if you're not going to get a Violet RH Day, I prefer the way GH looks on the Hobo over the City.