Violet Brief Bag... are they still around?

  1. Does anyone know if any stores still have the Brief bag in violet? I've called numerous places and have had no luck. Help!:cry:
  2. Thought I saw a Violet GSH brief on Realdeal
  3. Yea, you are correct. I saw that one too... hoping to still find one for cheaper, IMWD! :crybaby:
  4. I think they have one in GH @ Aloha Rag just a week or so ago. Do email them to check. Hopefully it is still around. Good Luck!
  5. ^^ I was gonna say that too. Haa.. email from aloha on 16/01
  6. chpwhy, I think it was your entry that I read. :yes:
  7. AR did have the Giant Brief in Violet as of earlier this week. Good luck!