violet bbags

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  1. Visiting the bbag forum...can anyone help please?

    Are violet bags still floating around with regular hardware? preferably a city? or is this color long gone? what about the violet days with SGH? i know this was a popular color and was released a while ago, I think, but i was just curious to see if they might still be floating around somewhere. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  2. This should probably be in the shopping section with a thread like "seen a Violet [insert Bbag style]?". Violet was made with RH and GH. Violet was from a past season so it's not in stores anymore. They pop up once in a while on the bay and RDC. Good luck!
  3. Last I was at Nordies in Sacramento they had a Violet PT with RH. But that was about a week ago.
  4. There were a few on *bay
  5. I love Violet. But those bags selling on *Bay all have quite a big mark-up, doesn't it?
  6. Well when they're no longer available in the stores this is one of your options.
  7. Or you could wait for this year's fall collection, I hear there's a purple bag coming up!
  8. san antonio Saks had a violet with GGH part time. gorgeous gorgeous violet. that was on march 20th. call and see if they still have it.
  9. I bet you can still find a violet in a store. You just have to call around a lot of places. I think someone even posted there was a violet city in a NM about a week or two ago. They are out there.
  10. has anyone seen a violet RH money? :graucho: