violet bags?

  1. does anyone know if aloha rag has any violet bags left in rh?? i have a day and it's completely faded...i just wanted to have another in the same color?
  2. faded, already?
  3. whoa! Sorry don't know, but that shouldn't happen, at least so fast! Can you post pics?
  4. i'd be interested in see some pics hasn't even been that long since the color came out faded already!!?!?!?
  5. No way! Faded already, seriously? :wtf: I had to talk myself out of a violet BBag because I was worried that with time they'll fade like Eggplant bags did but I never thought they could fade this quick. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. really?... i have got my violet for about a month and have been using it every day! its looks the same to getting worried now!
  7. i will post's not as bright and the same purple that it was when i first got it...the extra tassels are so much darker...its so depressing
  8. well.. i have been using the violet everyday as well.. but no colour fades...
    it just goes more shiny.. =)
  9. yeh mine is shiny and smooshy now!! looks great!:yes:
  10. so sorry to hear that.
  11. I would contact the place I got it for a refund. That is not acceptable for such a pricey bag.
  12. oh dear, that's terrible! but my violet is fine though.... yes, try to get a refund or an exchange, good luck!
  13. oh dear! Mine is fine but i havent been using it everyday though...good luck with yours!! and definitely get some post sales service from the place you bought it from! Please let us know how you go...
  14. oh dear!! do post pictures of your bag please!

    i checked with AR & they dont have stocks for violet in first & city & arent restocking :sad:
  15. Wow...I am sorry to hear about your bag. I have a violet city RH and LOVE her to bits!!! She is fabulous and the leather is TDF...

    Saks in Palm Desert, CA has the violet part time RH (two of them) and a violet part time GGH (one)...ask for Suzie!

    Good luck and here is my violet...:flowers:

    (personal photo)