Violet and Yellow question

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  1. Hi All,

    I have been away from TPF and the Bbag thread for a long time and just read that there is going to be yellow and violet for fall 07 :yahoo: :nuts: :drool:

    I saw it will be in limited styles :wtf: I'm hoping in the city and work.
    Anywhoo.....Anyone know when the bags are coming out and when BNY is taking names to get on the list please????? I really want a violet bag soooooo bad.

  2. hi hc! i might be wrong, but i think one of the threads mentioned the waiting list starts in july.

    i can't wait for violet too!:wlae:
  3. Ooh, that feels like so long from now... :sad:

    I want violet and a jaune First!
  4. I think june/july is when the bags will be shipped:confused1:

    I'm just wondering when BNY will be taking names to be on the waitlist please??? anyone know?
    I so want a violet city or work.
  5. Violet and Yellow are part of the COLLECTION COLORS...

    meaning they will arrive MUCH MUCH MUCH LATER than the other colors...

    remember how long we had to wait for ANTHRACITE, AQUAMARINE, PERIWINKLE, AND SANDSTONE to be released?

    Imagine the same thing for Violet and Jaune...not trying to burst your bubbles just trying to save Bal NY for the flood of phone calls in June trying to buy those two colors.
  6. I would love to be on the list....I talk to some at Barneys today and they said they would know in July what they would be getting
  7. hmm..if they are comin out new season for yellow color, i guess it will be a long wait list for it....i guess will have to check out with Bal NY to find out more enquires...sigh
  8. hello hc1871 how are you girl ? :smile: i have been away from the bbag forum for awhile too got bitten by the chanel bug :smile: I cant wait for the violet to come out !
  9. Hi kaka
    I know I was the same. I was so upset & bored w/Balenciaga when they 1st announced the Fall colors and they were all the same old boring colors. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about the violet:wtf:
    It is like a dream come true...a new violet Bbag. I can't wait!!!!
  10. I'm with Spiral, I'd love a yellow First (buying it with my tax return of course :yes: )