Violet and River Tag Along For Felicity Reunion

  1. Jennifer Garner, Violet, Keri Russell, and River all got together for a stroll around the Upper East Side of Manhattan this morning. Violet showed off a new jacket in her stroller while precious little River poked his head out but mostly just snuggled with his mom. It was really a meeting of all-star moms of the year — you voted Jennifer as your favorite celebrity mom of 2007, while over on lil you voted Keri as favorite new mama. While Jennifer recently admitted that Sydney Bristow is her favorite role of her career, it's pretty cute to see she's still keeping in touch with Felicity.
  2. her hat is so cute - they're adorable
  3. Violet's hat is from LL Bean's. My 3 year old son has the navy/red version!
  4. aww... so cute!! i just watched Juno the other night... and i must say that Jennifer Garner is so much prettier onscreen... i just never found her to be all that great looking in photos. i like her a lot as an actress, though. she seems like a genuinely sweet celeb. they are all so adorable here!!
  5. I had no idea Keri Russell had a kid =p How cute!
  6. So cute!
  7. I love that they are friends!! JJ Abrams brought them together...:p
  8. They're both sooo cute!!!
  9. aww, that's very cute.
  10. i still watch felicity all the time! this makes me happy
  11. I miss felicity soo much! Keri, Jen and the babies all look so cute!!
  12. Two of my fave actors together again!!!!
  13. I never watched Felicity but Keri Russell is so darn cute! They both seem like genuinely nice people.
  14. I love them both. Keri is just a natural beauty!!!
  15. Was Jennifer Garner on Felicity?

    I remember her ex-husband (who was her husband at the time) was Felicity's boyfriend on the show but that they divorced during Alias. I guess I didn't know who Jennifer was to recognize her on the show. Who did she play?