Violet and Jaune bags & assessories at Cultstatus

  1. A heads up for those looking for these colours. I finally got a call from my SA at Cult status and they have heaps of the juane and violet bags. I don't have time to go in until the weekend so I just paid over the phone with my cc, so I have not seen my goodies :sad: yet!! I got the RH City in violet and a Juane make-up.
    They also have the day, twiggy, coin purses, wallets, work. Be quick - cause I think they have already sold out of the make-ups!!! phew! :wlae:
  2. accessories!!! Oh why can't i edit? oh well you know what i mean
  3. Woohooo! I'm moving to Perth next month, can't wait to see this store!
  4. Thank you for the info, Water Daisy. (I am trying to email them without any success, but hopefully one of my email addresses will work!)
  5. Thanks for the info WaterDaisy. I want a violet coin purse- how do you go about ordering from another country? Do you pay customs? Do you know how much shipping to the US is? Sorry for all of the questions- I have never ordered anything from outside the US. I'd like to know before I order but I don't want to miss this chance either. Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!
  6. They don't respond to every e-mail... they promised a notification when those things arrived and I got nothing yet. Boohoo!
  7. Do you know if they have RH or is is just GH? Do they have any firsts yet?
  8. How much do they charge for a Work? Does anyone know??
  9. Work RH: $2095 Colours: Black, Tomato & Violet
    Work GH: $2595 Colours: Ocean SGH & Steel SGH
    Jaune GGH, Mogano GGH & Dark Olive GGH
  10. A$2095 for a Work!? That's a lot....
  11. I sent an email to Cultstatus, and I got a reply. Apparently they only got one violet coin purse in, and someone else had already purchased it. But I'm not too unhappy because I'm sure it would have ended up costing me a lot more than it would in the U.S. I'll keep looking around for one, but if I don't get one, oh well!
  12. Sure is :crybaby:
  13. oh this sucks, I want a coin purse in violet so bad :sad:
  14. Its in Australian Dollar around usd1709 (hopefully)