Violet 2011 and Purple Rain 2012

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knew whats the color difference between these two?
    I have the Violet(not too sure whats its called) from last year and am thinking abt this years Purple it a different Purple altogether.. Or should I just consider black instead?
  2. In my opinion, violet is a muted purple, while purple rain is much brighter and has that 'electric' effect if that makes sense. They are both beautiful in their own ways and different enough for me to justify owning both. :P
  3. I agree with Clarimond! violet prob has a darker hue to it while purple rain has more "pop" in its colour! ;)
  4. Thanks for your input ladies!!!

    But i think im gonna for something black either in normal leather or patent. :smile:
  5. One can never go wrong with black!