Violet '07 or Lilac '06

  1. Hi! I posted before about trying to find a lilac bag....I just got a chance to buy a Violet First...I'd love to hear other's opinion on these two color comparisons. Should I get violet instead of waiting for a lilac to show up? Thanks for opinions!!!
  2. I think that violet is much more gorgeous and recommend that you buy that. (Doesn't lilac have a reputation for fading. Maybe you would have to treat a lilac bag like a baby?)
  3. If I have the both choices, I also go with Violet. It is a beautiful versatile color.
  4. Violet, violet, violet! (That's three votes for violet). :smile:
  5. I prefer violet :yes:. But lilac is really pretty too, so you can't go wrong with either.
  6. Lilac '06 is prone to yellowing. Why do you you think you'd like the Lilac '06 color better than Violet?
  7. Thanks for the replies....It's just hard to tell in photos how dark the violet is....I'm being very fickle today! I bought a Jaune City last night at Barney's that now I will probably sell so I can buy the violet bag!
  8. The lilac or paler colors do fade. This seasons violet is GORGEOUS. I definitely reccomend it! The lilac from 06 is very light and as said above, are prone to fading as is the case with the paler Bal colors. The first in violet is such a perfect combo! Congrats!
  9. Congrats!! In my opinion you've made the best choice :smile: '06 Lilac has been proven to fade and yellow. This has been experienced by numerous people here on TPF. '07 Violet is a beautifully rich and saturated color teamed with gorgeous thick and chewy leather. Violet is also really easy to match and a great pop of color.
  10. I prefer violet to lilac... not only coz violet is gorgeous and the leather is divine.... but also coz of the tendency of lilac to yellow after time...
  11. If I could only have one, I would choose Violet. But here are my Violet and Lilac Twiggies...

    Violet and Lilac.jpg
  12. You can take a bag back to Barney's within 30 days. I would say that if you are not a person who can wear bright colors, don't buy the violet. It IS bright.
  13. I'm a purple person and have both violet and lilac, however the feel of the leather would be most important to me. Lilac was a much thinner leather and more stiff. I have not had any problems with fading. The leather on the new 07 violet is absolutely gorgeous! thick, smooshy, and smooth. So I would say go for the violet :smile:
  14. :drool: Those are two beautiful bags. I love the colors! :drool:
  15. It's definitely VIOLET! U'll not reget it!