Violated - I know i am not supposed to post this here but ..

  1. While I was away this weekend, someone broke into my very secure NYC apt and stole about 30 grand in jewelry that was in a locked case. They broke the case and it was definitely an inside job because only the case was tampered with - nothing else was taken. The cops and CSI came but what can they do? It isn't the money or the items, it is the sentimental value of each and the fact that someone specifically target me...

    I don't know what to do ... I am terrified and had to tell someone and you guys are sort of like family.

    Sorry for this but I didn't know where to post this...
  2. THIS belongs in GENERAL discussion actually

    Soooo sorry that happened to u!
  3. omg. i dont even know what to say. i would def be worried that someone targeted you. are you gonna get out? have somewhere else to spend the next few days? i am seriously so sorry. atleast you werent there though. it could have been worse.

  4. Sorry I should put it there but can someone move it for me?
  5. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:I'm SO SORRY that such an awful thing happened to you. I hope the police catch whoever did this and make them pay. Hugs to you.
  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you... that's a lot of money and I hope the police can manage to catch whoever did this :crybaby:
  7. I'm so sorry. :crybaby:
    That's absolutely awful for you!
  8. The same happened to me 12 years ago right after my divorce. I lived alone, on the 3rd floor of a luxury apt. complex and the thieves crowbarred through the deadbolt to get inside while I was at work. They broke two locks and must have been desparate because they could have easily been seen or heard. When I got home I noticed my door was ajar with wood shavings all over the floor. The first thing I thought of were my 3 cats and w/out even thinking of danger possibly lurking, bolted inside to look for them. It hadn't dawned on me that I had been robbed at that point. Two were behind the refrigerator and the bolder one was in the living room. When I finally went into my bedroom I noticed the mess - jewelry box open, closet and drawers ransacked. They also took a boom box from the upstairs loft.

    I notifed the apt. complex management to have the door fixed immediately and called the police. There had been similar robberies in the complex for drug money; I thought I was safe living on the third floor. The creepy part was they were watching me for awhile - I dressed nice for work at that time in my life and wore nice jewelry. I was a target.

    Until I could find another place to live I slept with the dining room table pushed up against the door and bought an alarm from the local hardware store. I had nightmares of the door being broken down and would wake up screaming. The feelings of violation took awhile to subside. Moving to a safer neighborhood with no section 8 housing (The drug dealers lived in the section 8 part of the apt. complex) finally lessened the fear and life returned to normal.

    I am sorry to hear this happened to you and doubt you will be targeted a second time. You can check the local pawn shops for your jewelry; if the theives were after drug money they probably sold it for that purpose. In time, the feeling of violation will lessen and you will feel safe again.
  9. Being burgled is disgusting enough, but that it seems an inside job is just hideous. It would leave me wanting to move. In the meantime do everything you can to make yourself feel more secure there - get all locks changed, and make sure you get locks with deadbolts. Have your remaining prized posessions put into a safebox at a bank until the dust settles on this, too. I hope the investigation uncovers your goods, or at least what @rsehole did this.

    Hugs. :sad:
  10. that is awful

    karma will come to you & them

    better things will happen for you soon
  11. I'm so sorry.
  12. I can't move - I have a lease ... and the building has security - it is a Trump property ... how could this happen? I can't sleep and each noise I hear I am going nuts while DH is snoring away ... I am changing the locks and getting an alarm... whatever was left is now in a vault ... the bizarre thing is that for some of my earing sets, they only took one - is that some kind of message??
  13. That was horrible! I am so sad that happened to you harley!

    Fortunately they only targeted at your belongings. At this point personal safety is the most important.

    I will cross my fingers for you that this shall never happen to you again!
  14. Wow I'm very very sorry to hear that!!! I'm glad you got a new alarm system, hopefully it will deter them if they're stupid enough to try and rob you again. I hope the police and the authorities can catch whoever stole your things.
  15. No, it means they were in a rush to get in and out in regards to taking only one earring. Same thing in my situation. I'll bet they used a pillowcase or something similar to stuff the jewelry into. The more you read into this the worse it will be; guaranteed it was drug related; addicts needing a fix and stealing to fund their addiction.