Vinyl Heloise Yes or No...

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  1. Please help me decide, should I go for it or no?
  2. Only if its dirt cheap!
    The one positive about the Vinyl is that it will be light weight!
  3. Thank you for your input. It's about $600.00 from $1500. It's still expensive compare to the bags that went on sale at Saks. But it's not that bad, right?
  4. Well Its not bad compared to the regular price but its still VINYL!
    the resale value will not keep any where near $ unless re-sale is NOT an issue, go for it!!

    Oh and be sure to be TOTALLY inlove! If you're not don't bother!!!
  5. Isn't vinyl for kitchen floors from the 70s? :s

    I'd need to see a picture...:flowers:
  6. I personally wouldn't spend that much of a vinyl bag... I try to stick with leather or fabric... But it's up to personal taste... if you really like the bag, don't let us deter you :smile:
  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. Maybe I shouldn't get it. So, I will have to start my search for the right tote bag again..
  8. I don't like the vinyl Heloise bags. The leather is what makes the Heloise so gorgeous.
    I just think it's still too expensive for vinyl.
  9. No, I´d save the money for a leather one :yes:
  10. i dont like the vinal, i thnk they are way over priced!
  11. I would personally save money for a leather one. During the Saks sale the leather ones were cheaper than $600 from what I remember.
  12. I would wait for a regular leather one :yes:.
  13. Wow, thank you again everyone.
    I think I should wait for the leather one then.
  14. Agreeing with everyone else - You can get a leather Chloe at about the same price on sale. I'd never buy a vinyl bag unless it was $2 to carry my groceries home. :smile: