vinyl coco cabas!!

  1. oooomg :wtf: my SA just called me and left a message saying that she got a very limited number of vinyl cabas :drool: (4...) and asked if i'm interested. WHAT DO I DO!?!?! i called her back but she didn't answer...just waiting for her to call back now...i am so excited. i've been wanting to get my hands on this bag for so long now. i was just planning to get the original baby cabas in place of the vinyl cabas!!
  2. Grab it while you can. See if it suits you and if not, return it! :yes:
  3. yikes, i don't know about the vinyl. i sold my vinyl large cabas i got psychoed into buying in Monaco last fall. i didn't like it on me because it was HUGE, made in vinyl not leather and i have a petite frame (i'm 5'4") and am a size 0! lol. so it's just so wrong on me. but i hope it looks really fab on you! it's a rare find!!! post piccies when you get her!

  4. ahh i'm also a size 0 and about 5'5....i love HUGE bags though. well i'm gonna grab it and decide then =)
  5. definately get it!
  6. Fashionispoison, I'm a newbie to this thread but I own a few Chanels... I definitely think you should get the vinyl coco cabas! That bag is amazing!! In fact is there any way i could get your SA's contact info, in case there are any extra!?!?:whistle::blush:

  7. yeah! snag it up before it's too late. oh well, my baby cabas is on her way... so you know where my vote went to! :smile: imho, i'm small and the bag really looked like it was carrying me instead.

  8. Mary Kate and Ashley are tiny and they manage to wear it beautifully! Post pics when you get it! :yes: I also love how it looks on Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz. At 5'5 you could totally pull it off!
  9. ^ i'm sorry if i'm disagreeing with you jeanne, don't get me wrong cause i really love big bags. i have bbags that are big for my frame (like the brief), but this large vinyl cabas in black patent vinyl that i had, looked incredibly big on me (maybe cause of the glossy effect? i don't know why it looked so big when i looked into the mirror) that my mom and friends commented it looked like a garbage bag was carrying me. :sad:(( i felt so terrible and decided to sell it! it was quite heartbreaking to let her go cause she was so fab for school! :sad:

    you could always get it and then decide later. you never know! i've got a small face and my shoulders aren't at all broad so maybe that's why i look funny with it. pouts.
  10. Are there any more? would love one myself!
  11. Cher, I totally respect your opinions and experiences. Feel free to disagree anytime!

    I understand the vinyl cabas is not for everyone. People either love it or hate it. I agree that fashionispoison should get it first and see if it works for her.

    I'm looking forward to all the modeling pics! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

    BTW, I saw your grey bbag and I love it. I just got an ivory city and a violet city, but I'm loving that grey too!
  12. ^ jeanne: :smile: thank you love. i was terribly upset it didn't look good on me because i know how TDF that bag is! yikes, but you know what, good things come to men who wait (a rule which i strongly stick by), and thank god for that because my baby cabas is coming to mommy! you can hear me grinning now!

    and thank you once again on my grey bbag! you have no idea how precious she is to me, esp when she's my first bbag! i am a bbag obsess too LOL. that's not good at all! i saw the ivory, i was THIS close to getting it, but you know what, your violet is SO divine! too bad i just got the tomato rouge city otherwise i'd buy the violet...

    ps: fashionispoison, post your piccies once you get her! we cannot wait! :p
  13. thanks ladies! i'm going to pick it up on saturday
  14. Snag it! I love mine and wouldn't trade it for the world.
  15. hey .. i would really appreciate if there is one left someone could pm with details of where and whom to contact. My sister desperately wanted this bag and i would love to surprise her xx