Vinyl Coco Cabas Question

  1. I'm deciding on what bag I want to swoon over and save up for so don't mind all the questions and threads I put up asking about different bags haha!

    Anyways I want to know if the Vinyl Cabas looks better IRL then in pics?.... cause as far as I see it looks like a garbage bag but its grown on me. As well as does it scratch easily or make that weird noise like squeaking? :roflmfao: Also is it kinda easy to find or ??

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. i have one and it's so much better irl.

    but IMO, u have to have a certain dressing style if u wanna wear this bag. it looks good in laidback and funky style.

    and i don't think i have squeaking problem LOL. only sometimes the chain medaliion rattle with the chain strap :p
  3. I saw the pics of you with your bag, SO CUTE!!! It fits your style for sure! I think it would fit mine too??? Thats good it doesn't squeak that is very important LMAO!
  4. thank u FijiBuni :smile:
    i saw a woman wearing the vinyl but she dressed very formal work like, and it totally don't fit her.
    it's like the BAG carrying her, not SHE carrying the bag LOL
  5. HAHA yeah i know how that looks... are they hard to obtain as of right now?? I'd love to go try one on and see
  6. i don't know anythign about availability :p
    i'm overseas adn don't have a chanel store, they sell chanels at overprice consignment boutiques here LOL
  7. haha okay i might need to call around... i just don't want to cause they'd expect me to buy and i can't buy right now but i want to try it on anyways... what a dilemma
  8. I think the vinyls are done now arent they? I didnt know if the stores were still receiving them. This bag does not scratch easily. I beat the hell out of mine and no scratches.
  9. Sh*& that sucks if thats true that stores aren't getting them.. i guess i'll call or get my room mate to call hahaha i'd probably buy it if they had it with my lack of money....
  10. I have it and love. No squeaky noises either :smile:
  11. It holds up really well, better than I ever imagined. It's a really fun bag, and like the others no squeaky sounds.
  12. No noise problem. I think you would get tired of it and move on before it looks bad. I do agree, it is a more casual bag. Only complaint I have, is that it's so dark inside the bag!
  13. Is a great bag, it does not scratch easily, easy to clean and no squeaking. I get compliments from people all the time~

    I believe Chanel doesn't make vinyl cabas anymore!!!
  14. Called a boutique and they said that they're just featuring the denim cabas for this season and they have my name just in case.... BLAH! I want one!
  15. QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

    I don't want to put up another thread but can you guys suggest any other bags that will have a good amount of room, stand up to daily wear and be around $1000? I know the vinyl cabas is not available basically and the paris barittiz small tote would be nice but anything else????????????