Vinyl and denim

  1. What is going on with mulberry?? Have just seen new bags on mulberry site.:nogood::nogood:
  2. Right off to have a quick look back in a mo....
  3. The new vinyl look of the tote bags looks cheap and tacky to me very disappointing x
  4. as do the denim very unmulberry x
  5. Ooooooo... don`t know where to start!!! well I don`t like the Roxanne tote its so big DH could pop me inside and carry me about in(whats going on with the colours)hate the Vinyl.
    Who would pay £400 for a vinyl bag??
    Don`t like the colours of the poppy bag,quite like the poppy satchel bag again hate the colours.
    What are they doing with Mabel??hate the colours and hate the extended Mabel range.

    Oh I did like one of the red purses so its not all bad.

    Its not Mulberry as we know it....

    I forgot one Mulberry doing Denim (£500) I don`t think so!!!

    I might be off to have a look at the Marc Jacobs bags........................
  6. Whoa, that black and white Mabel actually looks OK on the website....I've seen it in real life though and thought it was absolutely horrible!!!
  7. ^^^^ Just spotted a lovely pink long wallet also.

    Take a look at the mens bags,do men carry white bags??? they do now!!
  8. I love the oak Mollie :heart:

    I guess Mulberry have been listening to our requests for more pink :lol:

    I really like those patent Roxanne totes but cannot believe the price :wtf: For a VINYL bag???? Crazy.

    Off for a better look....
  9. ok, am loving the Bailey, the Mollie:heart:, and some of the wallets. Going to go back and have another look!!!! Think the sand mabel would be a great summer bag. there's a pink photo holder that Chaz is gonna have to buy to go with pinky bayswater!!!!
    How BIG are those BIG bayswaters??????????:shrugs:
  10. £500 for a denim bag?????? That is insane.
  11. I love the Mollie and that's about all! She might be calling me in chocolate...

    Did anyone notice that pleated bag (1st one). Looks just like a Miu Miu!
  12. Jo - think Mollie is calling your name too!!!
  13. ^^^ So is the Mollie a cross between the Elgin and the Jacquetta(hope that I have spelled this correctly)

  14. Oh crikey yes- she's lovely!!! think that's next years xmas pressie sorted!!!!:love:
  15. I like the sand and mushroom colours for the Mabel shoulderbags, esp. the mushroom. If it wasn't so small I could be really tempted by that one.

    Don't like the Poppy bags at all, apart from the colours being too bright I simply don't like the style. But, I'm glad to see that there are still a lot of more "traditional" style bags there. I was worried that Mulberry were going to ditch those in favour of bright plasticky hi-fashion stuff.

    I can't believe they are charging so much for vinyl - that really takes the p!ss IMO, because loads of fake manufacturers will be able to produce a vinyl bag of the same quality as Mulberry make, whereas I can't imagine a faker being able to make leather bags of the same quality.

    LMAO at the white Bailey "man" bag!! I'm seriously looking at bloke bags as I'd like something to cart my sheet music around with me in, but Ifor that reason 'm really happy to see that there's a bigger Bayswater out now (not sure I could use it as a regular handbag though cos I am really little and even the Belle looks an OK size on me!).