Vintagey AWL Backpack from MOM!

  1. so i went and saw my mom on sunday for the first time in almost 2 years! i left with 4 new pursies! one little coach tote, one liz claiborne that i only wanted because i remember her carrying it while i was really young, and a gucci backpack thing i'm trying to authenticate...

    but what i'm most excited about is this right here!

    i want to say it's a "Burgandy" AWL vintage backpack but i'm not positive. it's in perfect condition and it's broken in just enough that it's kinda squishy. the pix are of it stuffed, as it was flat as a pancake due to my mothers storage decisions, handbag wise (stuffed in a tupperware to FLATTEN for years!)

    the third pic is of the snaps on the pockets which i find VERY cool! they snap UP instead of down! sweeet!~

    let me know what you think!



    Dooney Backpack!.JPG Dooney Backpack Back!.JPG Dooney fingers.JPG
  2. I think it's cute! That's very sweet of you!
  3. Nice...........the condition of it is great!!! I like the color :smile:
  4. i know it's like BRAND new i couldn't believe she gave it to me :wlae: yay!
  5. Absolutely stunning bag!!! You are so lucky!!:yahoo:

    The color is called "rouge". It's my favorite Dooney AWL color. I have a satchel in that color. It's my favorite Dooney bag as well!
  6. yaay! thank you so much for clarifying the color! i'm so excited that my mom shared this bag with me! (it was in the bottom of a tupperware flat as a pancake! i saved its LIFE!)

    i'm not a backpacky person but i think i might have to use it sometime! i think walking at Owls Head Park this weekend is in order i can break this baby out! wooh:huh:! hiking dooney! yay!
  7. Very nice!
  8. Great bag! You're so lucky. Vintage AWL is so gorgeous!
  9. :love:
  10. wow what a great find in your moms closet!!
  11. Great bag! I know I don't use backpacks anymore. Deadly weapons getting in and out of them. No more!
  12. haha that's probably why she doesn't use it anymore! there are places i go walking and stuff that would be perfect for it though, which is why it fits in just perfectly... and i just like owning it cuz it's cute ;) haha
  13. It's gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to rescue it from the tupperware abyss. :yes:
  14. oh LOL me too, it's stuffed in the pix like i said... hehe i was excited but VERY happy i couldn't post pix until i stuffed it (had to get the camera too...) all the stuff she gave me was PANCAKE FLAT! awful! lol!
  15. AWL brings back so many fond memories. It will always have a special place in my handbag heart.