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  1. Hi,

    I just made an account and already have a burning question! I'm just wondering if this website is for real. Some of their items look really fake, but other items look real (see the links i've posted below).

    I'm wanting to a buy a vintage chanel bag and am not sure what the market is for one. Are they more expensive then new chanel bags??

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the website ?

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I really wanted someone's opinion before I even thought about buying anything.

    All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  3. I don't like this policy, it is too ambiguous. They can either guarantee authenticity or they can't. I don't trust them. Here's what I found on the site:

    As our items are usually consigned, so we cannot accept returns unless due to authenticity.
    This will not happen as we do not sell any item we cannot authenticate.
  4. I also don't like this, you cannot buy Chanel handbags at wholesale:

  5. Thank you so much! I was a bit wary, and this has convinced me.

    It's a shame, but some things are too good to be true.

  6. I was going to make a post on this site. I'm thinking some of the people on eBay selling only vintage items , especially Chanel and in large numbers buy their items from this site.. It's kind of obvious. I wonder if that means these are real vintage bags or counterfeit vintage bags were produced better back in the day. It's pretty worrisome.
  7. i got email from this website,but when i saw wholesale,and could only call a mobile,then its not worth the risk,i think fake
  8. urgh. this site again.

    funny it says:


    oh god... do not shop on this site however much you want a bag - whether the items are real or fake there is no guarantee you will even get what you see. they have some really old classic flaps on there for present day retail... you would be stupid to pay their prices.
  9. Did anyone buy and get a real bag?
  10. I'm reposting my update here: as I was told I had it in wrong section! Keeping it quick - I purchased from site, had my bag Authenticated (got it serviced in store). 100% Authentic!

    You don't have to look or buy.. I just wanted to put it out there!
  11. Sorry to say - stores don´t authenticate - because designer stores employ SALES staff, not persons of adequate knowledge to authenticate the merchandise.

    Did you post your bag in the Authenticate Thread ???
  12. I think this statement is quite telling. If these are vintage items bought on consignment, I would expect the seller to have no more than one or two of them. Most good consignment sites I've seen have separate listings for each bag even if they have two of the same style so they can describe the condition of each bag. This statement makes it sounds as though the seller has multiples of each bag. This, and the wholesale statement make me doubt the legitimacy of this site.
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    My name is Annieth Wollery... I have just recently noticed that alot of things have being written about me here...
    I have ignored comments in the past as I know our site is new, and due to countless bad experiences people have had online; they are likely to be weary which is very much understandable... I do believe that in time as our customer base grows so will our credibility...
    untill you have actually bought an item from us and proved it to be FAKE then I believe that no one has the right to say that our items are fake!
    No one who has bought from us have ever received fakes!!! We have been online since 2007... We have many satisfied customers, to include celebrities who buy our bags!

    I have been silent for awhile as I believe that with time the products will speak for themselves... but this is getting a bit out of hand and needs be addressed!

    I will be speaking to the moderator of this forum if I continue to see any post which discredit me or my business without solid proof or reason...
    We do don't force anyone to buy from us if you are unsure we encourage you do as much research as you or shop else where.

    So I have opened account so you can ask your questions directly as I have nothing to hide... All our contact details including phone numbers are on the site should you want to speak to any of us directly!

    We only sell authentic items....
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    With Regards to Wholesale - This simple means that if someone wants to buy more than 1 item they will be given a discount.... I hope that is easy to understand.
  15. Items either consigned or bought from previous owners, who set their own prices... if you cant afford it then simply leave it!
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