1. I don't know if there are many people here who collect vintage bags, but it's just kind of cool when you find something different in what you thought was just a cute bag.
    My friend and I just came back from an antique mall where I picked up a velvet evening bag circa 1940. There was this funny thing in it that looked like a hair comb, but it was stuck inside and didn't come out. It turned out to be a coin holder, for quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. We tried a recent quarter and could not get it to fit, so even the coins were smaller back then. There was still a card in it from the person who was giving the bag.

    Another bag came from France and had a vintage package of Kleenex still in the plastic (and clean) and a 1941 penny in the pocket.

    Call it strange, but it's like a little bit of history, and a glimpse back at someone's life who may have loved purses just as much.

  2. I love that, and also find it so... interesting! Post pics of your bags...they sound wonderful!
  3. wow, that's actually pretty neat.. never happened to me, but it sounds like a good experience. please do share pics!
  4. OMG...I know exactly what you mean! I was looking through my mom's old purses, and I found a vintage Salvatore Ferragamo evening clutch, circa 1950s. It still had my grandmother's hankerchief in it...I love it!!
  5. i love buy vintage! esp. the clothes, and sometimes i found great not branded leather bags and cute clutches!
  6. It sounds so neat! I wish I'd have gotten my grandmother's purses, but I didn't. The only "vintage" purse I have is one I bought myself--a used Chanel from the '80s in really good condition.
  7. I've never had the fun of finding vintage stuff in vintage bags :sad: But vintage bags are the best - the feel and the quality of them.
    Post pictures, please!
  8. I've found old coins and combs and once pills (???!)
  9. The only vintage thing I've bought is a Gucci clutch- can't seem to get rid of the mothball smell though :s I do love it though.
  10. LOL Just wait till your closet, and the boxes in the attic, and the ones you're not quite sure where they are, are all chock-full of bags that you bought, or received as gifts when new, but have mysteriously become "vintage" without you doing anything but changing calendars every year...
  11. I'd love to buy vintage bags, but sadly, I suck at vintage shopping, I never seem to find anything.
  12. Finally got around to it! I've posted pictures in the collection section of the forum.
  13. I love vintage bags :yahoo: I like them for their history and the fact that no everyone will have that bag. I just bought a vintage alligator bag. I'll take pics when it gets here.
  14. Whoops. The pics are too big. Please hold on while I get this right. Will keep you posted.