1. Is it me or does a description of an H bag made in the mid- to late 90s as "vintage" make you feel just a tad OLD?

    Here's hoping that "vintage" is being used in its other incarnation -- "being the best of its kind."
  2. Nope, not just you--I totally agree! :smile:
    Then again, I feel old hearing remakes of songs on the radio and remembering the first time that song came out...or hearing songs I know on the "oldies" station...
  3. :queen:Let's show them, YOUNG LADIES:boxing: Young ladies of 90-s have no expiration date, they made them last forever in 90-s :rochard:(Chernobyl maybe?). My DH SAYs SO:graucho:. And yes "vintage" is for "being the best of its kind."
    "Keep young and beautiful":whistle:
  4. Doesn't really make me feel old, it makes me feel like the description is being mis-applied. :p
    In my personal opinion, there's really no such thing as a "vintage" Birkin, for instance, since the oldest possible one is 23 years old and the clothing industry standard is that vintage generally means 25+ years.
    Of course there are plenty of much older Hermes bag styles, many examples of which can rightly be described as vintage.
  5. I, also, always thought vintage to refer to 25 + years.

    I think it is a way that some people are simply marketed dated things. Not all of these things are great, then and now. The current crop of designer slouch bags is a redo on styles not 20 years old. The young folks don't know it because they were not around. It is just marketing hype that gets most of this sold. It is difficult to design much of anything in a totally "original" way, anymore. Now it is really reinterpretation.

    Hermes is so desirable, because it is it's own style. Most of it is "classic".
  6. Well, if that's vintage then I'm REALLY vintage.......like ANCIENT!!!!! GAH!!!!!!
  7. :roflmfao: But you're NOT an old bag!
  8. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. vintage , I love vintage because I think the quality of stitching is better,

    I am vintage too!! ( like a fine wine smom)

  10. Well technically, I'm vintage. But not yet an antique!

  11. Antique starts at 85. ;) Ancient would be even older, so don't worry, you still have a lot of time to enjoy as vintage and antique as well.

    I guess I would fall into the "used" category... >_< I think I would prefer vintage...
  12. At least they don't refer to people as... "THAT VINTAGE PERSON over there..."
  13. I'm 64 and that's "older", but I really take umbrage when a TV newscaster says things like, "An elderly woman was involved in an automobile crash today - she was 63."!!!!! ELDERLY? Wait a minute - "elderly" should be 80 and above!

    As far as a bag goes, I think it needs to be 25-30 years old to be "vintage", otherwise it's just "used".
  14. Ha! So I'm sitting in the office on a Sunday night laughing out loud at my computer screen. (At least no one here to see me!)
  15. I'm laughing out loud too! :lol: This IS the most lighthearted thread around at the moment, isn't it? It's nice.