1. Are there pros to owning vintage Chanel?

    I am just learning about the brand and see some authenticated vintage bags on eBay. I was wondering the pros to buying vintage vs. spending more and buying new?

    Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place, I am new here!
  2. I think it's personal choice really. I prefer older/vintage Chanel flaps & totes to new. One, I think the quality of new has gone downhill versus old. Chanel used to be made to last a lifetime. You can search this forum and read for yourself. I also prefer the different patterns of stitching (chevron, lines, diagonal) of pre-karl Chanel and, lastly, love the huge CC on the classic flap.

    What I like about new? the colors. Otherwise I'm happy buying vintage/older Chanels.
  3. ^^^I agree about the colors--the new ones for Spring sound amazing!

    I have a few older bags, and they are still in great shape--even the lambskin!

    The best thing about vintage, especially now, is the price!
  4. ^^

    I agree. And besides being cheaper, I just like some of the vintage styles more than the newer styles.

    I also like the fact that most of my vintage style bags aren't available anymore nowadays and therefore are pretty unique and rare pieces to own.
  5. Vintage bags have a history. They were loved by someone else and, if you get one, it's now yours to love.....
  6. 1st of all, the price LOL
    and i happen to like a lot of the old models