Vintage White MC Sarah Wallet

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467687991.931915.jpg

    Just got this today. I'm so lucky to score a great deal from a local private seller.

    It's so pretty
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  2. It is very pretty!
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  3. Pretty! Congrats on your wallet!
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  4. Love! I am looking at preloved multicolore wallets as well--trying to decide between Sarah, Zippy, and Insolite. I almost hate to buy one because I love researching.
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  5. Thanks. Looking for multicolore pieces has been not that easy.

    Next is the black multicolore hopefully the zippy coin purse
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  6. Agreed. I have been searching Japanese eBay sellers but I am going to Hong Kong next month so splurging on something new is in the back of my mind too.

    Happy hunting!
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  7. Exactly!! Getting a discontinued piece can be so addictive

    Have fun also in Hong Kong
  8. So addictive! Not that I'm looking at Murakami pandas and cerises and discontinued color SC bags. Not me.

    Thank you!
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  9. Congrats and enjoy!
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