Vintage...what do you all think about it

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  1. I really love vintage gucci, can't tell you why, but I like it more then the new ones hah :smile:, I own both, but I feel like the coated canvas makes me less nervous. What do you all think about vintage gucci? :biggrin:
  2. I personally love it and really wish I owned something vintage from Gucci. Something from the 80's or earlier. I love the Accessories Collection. It's so cute!
  3. I'm not sure.........I can recall some of the Gucci's my sister used to have, and I don't think I'd like them right now.
    I guess it would all depend on the purse???
  4. I think that the vintage Gucci items are gorgeous. Sighhh.... I used to own a web Gucci bag in the early 90s but when the zipper broke, the bag was kept in storage at my mom's house. Turns out that she ended up giving my bag away because she didn't think that I wanted it anymore :shucks:
  5. Some of them are TDF!
  6. Ahhh...what a shame...whoever the recipient was, was a lucky person :shrugs:
  7. :tup::tup: in my OP
  8. I prefer vintage Gucci over the new stuff. I have several pieces, and I'm always hunting for more...

  9. Me too...its just a challenge to find the right pieces in the right condition :biggrin:
  10. :yes::yes::tup:
  11. I love vintage Gucci, I have one Vintage bag and hope to have more soon but I agree getting it in the proper condition is hard.
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