Vintage watch not as described?

  1. I bought a vintage watch for my husband for his birthday tomorrow and I think the item isn't as described. I asked the seller lots of questions about whether the watch had its original parts and he said it did. I don't have concerns about authenticity, I have problems with the condition.

    The gold on the hour/minute hands has faded and looks tarnished. The gold on the numbers on the watch dial are black with hints of gold peeking through. I feel like the watch wasn't described properly. Also, when you turn the watch over there is a major jagged edge that wasn't mentioned in the auction. Upon looking at the pictures, I see it is there, but the photo makes it look like the light from the flash is reflecting off the watch.

    Now, the watch is from 1956. But the seller never mentioned the tarnishing, or is that just the aging? He just says the "Rare Black Dial Shows Nice Even Aging." This is the watch my husband chose, I was just the wallet, but I think the pictures are misleading and I don't think the fellow described the watch or its flaws properly

    Here's something he'd emailed me: "The dial of the watch is cloudy, the dial shows consistant even aging, also mentioned. My jewelers only suggestion at the time he inspected it, was that for cosmetic purposes, I may want to think about finding a new old Stock dial to replace the current one, or have a professional re-do the dial."

    Here's the scratch: Look at the top left.

    See how gold the numbers, etc are. Well, it is amazing what flash and good lighting can do.

    Any watch experts out there that can help? I'm not sure if I am over-reacting or just being cautious.
  2. sounds like you are just being cautious....If it is the watch your hubby wants, I would give it to him and discuss your concerns with him after he sees it......then you both can decide what to do together....
    just my opinion.......
    keep us posted!
  3. Maybe you can contact someone at Omega or Sothebys to look at the watch. If you are in NY or another big city you can take it to an Omega dealer and see what they have to say