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  1. I bought a very very vintage Louis Vuitton travel bag a few days ago. Unique features: lock #206, and there's an "843" stamped next to the 'Louis Vuitton Paris made in France' on the vachetta. I'm looking for a name, age, value, or any information you may have.

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    Congrats on your purchase. The lock # means nothing as locks are assigned randomly (still today). I think this bag is from the 1980s. It looks like the Sac Chien. But there was also a travel bag made in the same look (I can't remember the name). Unfortunately, going by the pictures you posted, the heavy wear on the bag makes it worth very little, even if it is authentic.
  3. Where did you get it? I could be wrong but this looks like the Sac Chien duffle bag to me (correct me if I'm wrong). Not sure of age but isn't this a pet carrier?
  4. There was also an old travel bag made in the same design as the Sac Chien. But it's hard to tell which one it is without seeing all sides of the bag.
  5. Found it: it's the Sac Chaussures 55.
  6. Ah gotcha. You are correct.
  7. That would look great with new vachetta, congrats on your find.
  8. I doubt it would be accepted for repair.
  9. Yeah I agree in that condition this bag would be a hard sell, it's definitely seen much much better days. Very cool anyways OP thank you for sharing, I love vintage LV flashes from the past.

  10. Do you think so? But why? If the canvas is fine (I can't really tell from the pics).
  11. The canvas looks damaged from the pictures where the leather trim is completely gone. From the little we can see, the lining looks also torn. And even if Louis Vuitton would miraculously agree to repair the bag, it would be cost prohibitive: they would have to build a brand new bag!

    OP: if you take it to a store for evaluation, let us know what you find out. There are many people with old bags in similar condition out there!
  12. *OP here* the lining is fully intact, I have the bag stuffed. The vachetta is only falling off on the sides and around the zipper. I should make it to LV today and tell you what I find!
  13. I can't wait to hear!
  14. Good luck, OP! I'm crossing my fingers & toes hoping you get good news from LV. :drinks:
  15. Hey all! I took the Sac Chaussures to my LV today. I've heard horror stories that SA's can be quite rude when customers bring in vintage items, and as a newly minted adult, I doubted I'd get far. Pleasantly surprised, the bag got compliments from a few SA's, saying its a beautiful piece of LV history. Unfortunately, it's beyond repair. I stopped in Prada on my way out (the staff at my Prada must be hired directly from heaven) and they told me the bag was beautiful as well, and suggested I stuff it and use it as a display piece. Now, should I display it, or restore it myself? The vachetta can't be fixed, so I was thinking a black leather trim. Which do you think I should do?
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