Vintage vs Non-vintage Value

  1. I was wondering, if I have a choice between 2 bags that are the same in color, size, condition and price, but one is vintage from 90s and one is from 2007, which one should I get :confused1: Thank you ladies :heart:
  2. It depends on what kind of bag it is. I love vintage and it seems that Chanels were made with better quality back then. I've never heard of anyone complaining about issues w/ their vintage pieces but have heard many stories of poor craftsmanship with the recent ones. To each her own though. I've purchased newer bags and nothing has gone wrong w/ them. Sometimes I just like the way the vintage bags look though.

    I'm no help but it really depends on the style bag. Maybe you could post some pics and we could give our .02??:idea:
  3. Thanks a lot alouette, I am looking at a classic flap ;)
  4. 2007
  5. Same price, I'd choose newl. If the vintage were less money, I would go vintage, but since it isn't why bother?
  6. Are they both the same color or is the vintage one a rare color which isn't available anymore?

    ETA: never mind, I just read they are both the same color....
  7. I would probably go with the newer one. Are they the same size? I really like the vintage jumbos but that is probably the only vintage I'd buy.
  8. i like the vintage jumbos than the new classic
  9. Well, which do you like better? personally I'd go with the jumbo..
  10. New one, hands down!!! They are the same price? How much are they asking for the vintage? Don't pay too much for it.
  11. I have some really old Chanel (vintage) bags and have to admit the quality is superior. Chain break? Stitching come undone? Never!! It was unheard of.

    However, I still think I would buy new, if I had the choice. Old leather just isn't as fresh and it can get a bit musty if not properly taken care of.
  12. If they are the same price, I would definitely choose the new one. That way if there is some problem, it might be easier for Chanel address. I think it is always safer to be the original owner unless you got a deal on a vintage piece.
  13. I go for new one. Too many fake vintage out there.
  14. Thank you very much everyone for the input. I came across this red vintage medium flap that has serial number starting with a 4. The seller is asking for 2500, and I think that is pretty much what the 2007 version is going for :confused1: So I was just curious becuase for Balenciaga there are some bags from a particular year that is worth more than others :p
  15. in this case, i'd go for a new one. IMO, $2500 for vintage medium flap is too much.